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Some Art Fight Prep Work!

With Art Fight coming up, I've been trying to update, refresh, and flat out remember some of my older characters. This is the first round of updated character designs!

For the white wolf, I didn't really change a whole lot from her past design other than her ear shape and a slimmer physique.
She's Prelue, the older sister to my long standing fiery girl, BL!

Prelue has possession of another artifact that the spirit of lightning resides in. Unlike the spirit of lava that inhabits BL's mask, the spirit of lightning is rather gentle when it takes over Prelue's body and converts her into an avatar of storms. The sword that triggers the conversion simply must be held in order to exchange electric charges with its host in order to maintain the form.
This matches very well with Prelue's patient personality. She's the type of pup that will bring home injured animals to secretly nurse back to health, easily befriending the creature in the process.

I'll write more about her at some point later. There's a LOT to get organized and out of my head, since I've had her as a character for close to 16 years now.
I also have one more image of her on my dead DA account, showing off her old design.

Jade is another older character I've had floating around for a bit, though not as long as Prelue and BL have been around for. I'd like to say I came up with her when I was around 18 years old, rather than 10 years old, when I made BL, Prelue and their respective elemental spirits.

She is an ex-mercenary turned outlaw bodyguard. She bounces from planet to planet trying to find a secure place to raise her former target, Meeko, a cheery reptilian child that she agreed to care for thanks to some extreme circumstances.

Her mercenary group had been long-term hires for a house of nobility. But when a rival noble house caught wind of the youngest child's status as an abomination, the whole group was bought out at a higher price and given the orders to kill the girl named Meeko. Out of a bond with Meeko's mother, Jade agreed to take Meeko away and keep her in safety until the eve of her 22nd birthday, when she would legally be an adult, and a noble by her own birth right...

Jade is a member of a race of genetically altered bipedal canines. Her four ears allow her to hear a wider octave range than most other living beings, and her sense of smell makes her an adept tracker. Her physique and coat colors are reminiscent of a Doberman Pinscher, but her innards, blood and flesh are all varying shades of green. Her favored weapons are dual revolvers, or a revolver combined with a shock dagger.

Designs, characters and art all done by me, ScidiaScribbles
Please don't reuse, redistribute, or utilize these images in any way.

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MYO Xilen: Gleip

My second Xilen for the MYO event! I think this might be the last one, since I'm so close to the deadline, but we'll see!

This is Gleip, the grinning, glowing space worm. I took heavy influence from vapor wave aesthetics, as well as elements that I enjoyed from the Cheshire Cat.
His glowing belly contains light orbs that resemble very small stars, as does his night cloak, which is the pelt of fur over his head and neck.

Xilen can be found at: Xilenzoo@DA
Xilen were made by: bent-glqsses@DA
Art and character design were done by me, ScidiaScribbles.

Please do not reuse without my permission.

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This was a good practice for making transparent and slightly glowing areas on a creature. The sketch and subsequent lines took about 4 hours to do, the colors took way longer because I just couldn't make up my mind on what patterns and colors to give him. In the end I went for a plain, smooth black with green tinted highlights and purple accent colors. I think I sat down all night yesterday messing with colors and patterns just to come up with that. >.>

Anyways, a bit of lore behind his weird anatomy:
Fel, my corrupted venomous child, as a Xilen. His horns are roots that are probably used to create his venom and the structure on top his head is a blooming flower whose petals act as ears. He warns trespassers with the rattle on his tail. He has no mouth, but instead has a tube to drink liquefied foods with, as well as a pair of venom injecting spurs that resemble fangs. His blood and insides contain a strong acid, which can glow in dark areas for a certain amount of time.

Xilens are a new group over on DA, which I'm still half active on, they were made by bent-glqsses. They're a pretty neat concept that's pretty open to a lot more creative freedom than I'm used to seeing with species concepts.

Xilen can be found at: XilenZoo@DA

Piece in total took maybe 10 hours to complete, I'm still slow I think.

But I love the belly, so happy with it.

Art and character design were done by me, Scidia, I also go by ScidiaScribbles over on DA.

Please do not reuse without my permission.

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Irithia the Gold

A metallic gold dragon that I used to practice smooth shading and lighting. This was also a fun practice in painting translucent membranes with shading, and I think I'm pretty happy with the parts I got to work.
Girl is nomming on her own wing, looks itchy. She's a juvenile of her species, and I may use her in a D&D campaign later on.

Art is by me, Scidia, or ScidiaScribbles on DA. Do not reuse or redistribute without permission.

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Dusty Rose

I haven't touched watercolors in a few months, I'm glad I remembered how to use them, but I can already see some things I can improve the next time around.
This is a birthday gift for my grandmother, she's always loved roses and lavender.

Art by me, ScidiaScribbles. Don't use or redistribute this without my permission.
Stay safe out there, guys!

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Scid's Image

I took forever to make this one, couldn't decide on that hunched over feral form's torso shape for the longest time. Nothing seemed to fit! But I got a nice face icon out of this ordeal, as well as a simplified style to finally pair with my online image. (I'm still working on the huge image with every hand-drawn scale in line. I haven't touched it in months.)

But here's the lizard itself! In all my weird, grey area, stuck in the darn middle, hybrid self.

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I adopted another little guy. He's cute, but the design gave me a bit of a narrative of a trickster, so he's going to be the little brother to my other jester faced pup, Obsidian.

But anyways, this is Jak-al, short for Jack of all Trades, but he's just Jak to his friends. I added a few accessories to him. I felt like some piercings would suit his personality, and the ability to summon glowing, levitating playing cards is something I've always wanted to give to a character, so they're his now~

This juvenile canine is a bit of a prankster. I figured he could be something close to a Jackal (pun totally intended), with some half-flopped Pitbull ears. His love for card games, and winning bets knows no bounds, he'll do anything just to win. He has a one sided rivalry with his older pact-sister, Obsidian, and strives to beat her at anything he can. He enjoys astounding people with his levitating card tricks, and will often use them as distractions when he's up to no good.

I adopted him from KnightNox who is currently selling off some old OCs and some pretty cool designs, check em out!
Below is the link to the original design for the pup. Isn't it cute?~

Original Design

Original design by: KnightNox
Original designs lines by: Arkay9
Design revamp and art by me: I go by Scidia and ScidiaScribbles here on Waterfall. I also go by ScidiaScribbles on DeviantArt ScidiaScribbles on DA
Do not reuse or redistribute this image without my permission.